Manulife Signage Objection

July 14, 2014

Dear Residents,

Last week BENA became aware of “A NOTICE OF SIGN VARIANCE APPLICATION” posted at 250 Bloor Street East. The application, made on behalf of Manulife, was for a new larger sign to be placed at the top of their building at that location. The new sign will be 5 times larger than that which is allowed under the existing City Sign Bylaw (a total of 1190 sq ft.), and will be constructed with an LED screen that can be 12 times the brightness allowed for night-time displays under the bylaw.

Although the sign is aimed down Ted Rogers Way/Jarvis Street, the sign will be shining into the buildings to the south and will be reflecting off the glass of those buildings into the homes of those adjacent to the sign. In addition, the sign will be supplemented by an architectural LED wall wash programmable down lighting display that will be on all four sides of the building. Although it states that the sign will have a static display, the sign will be switching between at least 6 displays throughout the time that it is on.

In the meeting it was stressed that individual objections are most important, if we are to stop the installation of the sign. It was also stressed that approval of this sign could set a precedent for other businesses in the area that want to erect a similar sign, and that it will affect everyone with ownership in a nearby building.

Any sign that is at variance with the official sign bylaw must still meet nine criteria. These were outlined on the back side of the Notice of Application for a Sign Variance (see links at to the right). A form letter has been prepared that is addressed to the Chief Building Official, who will be deciding whether or not this sign is approved.

The letter describes where this installation will not meet four of the nine required criteria. Because individual objections hold more weight, it is important for those of you who wish to object, to send a letter into the Sign Bylaw unit before the deadline date of July 23, 2014. Alternatively, you may compose your own letter and send it in to Sign Bylaw Unit.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter,

The BENA Executive Committee


You can have an intro text to the Manulife issue.

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